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Stolen from: :iconrolloz:


[ ]You own two different outfits one for everyday use and one for 'Kingdom Hearts II Bossing'
[ ]You have a near constant need to talk about kingdom hearts
[ ]When you rearrange the letters of your name you get a funny name that eventually becomes your nickname
[ ]You speak in a monotone
[ ]You have tanned skin
[ ]You have grey eyes
[ ]You are over the age of 70, or at least look like you are
[X]You think you have a cool weapon. Unfortunately lazors are SO Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

TOTAL: 1/8


[ ]You have a cool american accent
[ ]Well Californian surfer really
[ ]Your weapon of choice is a sniper
[x]You have a problem with names
[ ]You look 60 but are really only 37
[ ]Your hair is long
[ ]You purposely streak your hair gray

TOTAL: 1/8


[ ]Your hair is in dreadlocks
[ ]But you don't pull it off
[ ]Your eyes are dark blue
[ ]You have a nasally voice
[x]You don't give people many choices
[ ]You constantly hunched over
[ ]You're evil laugh fails
[ ]You wield blades so weak that the wind can blow them away

TOTAL: 1/8


[ ]Your the oldest member of your organization
[ ]You feel the younger members don't respect you
[ ]In fact you say it constantly
[ ]In fact you rant about it constantly in front of said individual
[ ]You tend to dwell in basements
[ ]You enjoy playing with dolls. And Riku.
[ ]You have mousy hair
[X]You constantly try to be cool. You fail dismally though....

TOTAL: 1/8


[ ]You don't talk much
[X]You enjoy reading manga
[ ]And puzzles
[ ]You have red hair
[ ]And are quite boring
[ ]You try and use physical strength to your advantage
[ ]Your element is earth
[ ]Your too weak to win against a whiny little bitch (AKA Riku)

TOTAL: 1/8


[ ]Your meticulous (you give great attention to detail) by nature
[ ]People think your emo. Maybe you are, maybe your not; either way your hot.
[ ]Your the leader of those who dwell underground
[ ]Your dark blue hair is totally natural
[ ]You weapon is a book
[ ]You enjoy pickled daikon
[ ]You have this weird habit of pretending to be other people
[ ]You can smell the presences of friends, enemies and pickled daikon.

TOTAL: 0/8


[ ]You obviously have dyed blue hair. Regular hair is not that blue.
[ ]You have a scar on your face but you won't tell anyone how you got it because it's so pathetic.
[/]You have anger management problems
[ ]You have been known to kidnap younger girls and hold them in your basement
[ ]You ask inanimate objects where your heart is
[X]You have a problem with names
[ ]By kissing up to the leader of your organization you are second in command. Congratulations!
[ ]You have been spotted singing bad Disney songs

TOTAL: 1.5/8


[x]You are the black sheep in your organization
[ ]Your red hair is smexy
[ ]Your concern for your friends makes people question your sexuality
[ ]But your totally not gay
[ ]Like the fire you control your'e hot
[X]You enjoy spelling
[ ]You have a cool catchphrase, got it memorized?
[x]You appear to mess around but in reality you've put more thought in than everyone put together

TOTAL: 3/8


[ ]You play sitar where ever you go
[ ]You're not as weak as you look
[ ]You love Chester
[ ]You have sandy blond hair
[ ]You have blue eyes
[x]You DO have a heart
[ ]You have a problem with names
[X]Like the water you wield you're generally easy going

TOTAL: 2/8


[x]You're generally a drunk pirate
[ ]You have an english accent
[ ]You gamble
[ ]You have an earring in your ear
[ ]You have very short blonde hair
[X]You've just lost the game (SHIT!!)
[ ]You don't battle, you play cards
[ ]You're in a "relationship" with Xigbar

TOTAL: 2/8


[ ]Your hair is PINK
[ ]You grow flowers
[ ]You don't kidnap young girls and hold them in your hold them in your castle
[ ]You were supposed to be in the other gender
[ ]Your weapon is a scythe
[ ]You're the leader of all those who dwell above ground
[ ]You plan to overthrow your organization
[ ]Your gay

TOTAL: 0/8


[ ]You're a cold hearted bitch and you're proud of it
[ ]You hate children
[ ]No, in fact you hate children and idiots
[ ]Your favorite food is chicken with lemon squash
[ ]You have blond hair
[x]Lightening doesn't affect you
[ ]You don't shower
[ ]AS your weakness is water

TOTAL: 1/8


[ ]You're the keblades chosen one (how would I know?)
[X]You're summer vactaion is over
[X]You're heart belongs to you
[x]You have blonde hair (do highlights count?)
[ ]Your name mixed up is Xsora
[ ]You sound like your related to Jesse Mcartney
[ ]Your best friends are Axel and Xion
[X]You want to meet your other half

TOTAL: 4/8


[ ]You have short black hair
[ ]For some reason you keep having dreams about some guy called Sora
[ ]And for some reason after these dreams you wake up and you ARE Sora
[ ]This leads you to go insane
[ ]You're in love with Roxas
[ ]You wield a fake keyblade
[ ]For some reason Axel is stalking you
[ ]Only few Organization XIII members can see you

TOTAL: 0/8
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